In order to organize Gulf of Riga Regatta and to develop amateur maritime sailing sport in Latvia, a new association was founded

In March this year, the association Latvian Maritime Sailing Association (LMSA) was founded to organize Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) that will be held from 25th until 29th June. Association is willing in close collaborates with experienced sailors and enthusiasts develop maritime sailing traditions in Latvia.
Since 11 April, LMSA has become an official member to the Latvian Sailing Union and thus it will encourage development of GoRR as a full-fledged organizer. Valters Romans, Silard Kamergrauzis and Kristine Kanska were appointed as LMSA board members, whereas the chairperson was nominated Valters Romans. Currently, the organization unites 10 official members and six yachts.
LMSA has stated its organizational goals:
1. To promote and development sailing in Latvia as a healthy and environmentally friendly sport and active recreation hobby.
2. Unite sailors, yacht owners and other interested parties and to represent their interests in sailing, regardless of their age, skin-color, gender, sexual orientation, language spoken, religious or political belief, national or social affiliation.
3. To implement various trainings and sail-trainings as well as to support other yachting and active recreation activities, including related events for children and youngsters.
4. Organize sailing-sport competitions and other sport, active recreation and social events both locally and internationally.
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Entry opened for this season’s major Latvian sailing event - Gulf of Riga Regatta. Sailors will be encouraged to become watchdogs of the Baltic Sea.

The submission of entry forms to participate in the Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) has started. Organizers are willing to exceed the greatest number of Latvian Offshore Sailing teams participated so far in GoRR and would love to welcome at least 50 boats from six countries of the Baltic Sea region. This year’s event will mark Renaissance in Latvian offshore sailing. And its greatest target is to attract sailors attention to the major maritime ecological problems that we are currently facing.
The event will be also Latvian Offshore Sailing Championship and Livonia Cup Challenge. It will take place from June 25 to June 29 in the Gulf of Riga just after the Midsummer celebration in Latvia. GoRR will be having five legs and all fleet will stop in two harbors of Latvia - Roja and Kuivizi, as well as in Estonian islands – Saaremaa, entering Montu and Kuressaare marines, and Ruhnu.
GoRR organizers are willing to establish also a new tradition this year – for the first time the best team in each participating group will be awarded with the Livonia Cup, which will symbolize revival of the offshore sport-sailing traditions in Latvia. (..)
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Gulf or Riga Regatta 2019

Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019 that is also Latvian Offshore Sailing Championship and Livonia Cup Challenge, will take place from June 25 to June 29 in the Gulf of Riga, going from Roja to Kuivizi with stops in Montu, Kuressaare and Ruhnu island. Sailors will compete ORC, LYS and TEXEL categories.
This year we have put together a very special program for all the participants. Event will start on June 23 with Midsummer celebration in Roja where you will have a chance to experience the amazing Latvian Midsummer traditions. Regatta’s opening ceremony and first stage of racing will take place on June 25.
You can find out more about the regatta by visiting information page.
Notice of race is available here.