Announcement on Progress on the Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) in 2020

Sailors are invited to prepare and apply for the regatta

The state of emergency in Latvia with subsequent restrictions holding various events, including but not limited to sailing competitions, is in force until June 9. Due to existing restrictions and a lack ...

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Watch "Regatta Parfaite" on Youtube

From now on the GoRR movie "Regatta Parfaite" with English subtitles is made available on our official YouTube channel.

The documentary adventure short ...

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Notice Regarding COVID-19, May 15th

Yesterday the meeting of the Gulf of Riga Regatta organizing committee was held related to the #GoRR2020. In view of the difficult situation in the country caused by the global pandemic and the existing restrictions on the organization of sports events, it was decided to postpone adaptation ...

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Notice Regarding COVID-19

Dear sailors, supporters and friends of the Gulf of Riga Regatta!

An Emergency Situation has been declared in Latvia until May12 with the aim of limiting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The country has strict bans on organizing public and sports events. This time ...

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BSN seminārs 11. aprīlī ir ATCELTS

Paldies par Jūsu interesi par buršānas sacensību noteikumu semināru!
Diemžēl arī šis pasākums koronavīrusa ierobežošanas dēļ ir jāatceļ. Meklēsim iespēju to noorganizēt, visticamāk, ka tuvāk gada beigām, vai tiklīdz krīzes situācija būs normalizējusies.
Tiem, ...

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Pirmais ORC sertifikāts bez maksas

Jahtām, kurām nekad nav bijis ORC sertifikāts, gatavojoties dalībai Gulf of Riga Regatta, Latvijas Jūras burāšanas čempionātā 2020, tiek piedāvāta iespēja noformēt ORC Club sertifikātu BEZ MAKSAS. Šie promo sertifikāti tiks izsniegti ne vēlāk kā līdz 31.maijam.
Interesentus ...

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Seminārs par burāšanas sacensību noteikumiem

Latvijas Jūras burāšanas asociācija sadarbībā (LJBA) sadarbībā ar Gulf of Riga Regatta komandu organizē semināru par burāšanas sacensību noteikumiem (BSN), kuru aicināti apmeklēt gan ...

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Happy holidays!

On behalf of Gulf of Riga Regatta team, we wish you a joyful Christmas and reach for new horizonts in 2020.

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"Regatta Parfaite" Trailer

We are proud to present you trailer for movie "Regatta Parfaite". You can watch it here. Big screening will take place on November 29th, 2019 at 18:00 in Splendid Palace, Riga. ...

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Lielākajā burāšanas regatē noskaidroti Latvijas čempioni un sadalīti Livonijas kausi starp Latviju un Igauniju.

At the moment, this information is available only in Latvian.

Burāšanas čempioni komandas JAZZ un CASTOR no Igaunijas un komanda EXTRA BRUT no Latvijas.

Vakar noslēgusies piecu dienu ilgā Rīgas līča regate (Gulf ...

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Pēc patveršanās no stirpā vēja GoRR regate atgriezusies uz ūdens un ir ceļā uz Roņu salu.

At the moment, this information is available only in Latvian.

Pēc dienas krastā Rīgas līča regate (Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019; turpmāk - GoRR) ir atgriezusies uz ūdens un šobrīd aizrit trešais sacensību posms no Sāmsalas uz Roņu salu. ...

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The third day's leg of GoRR has been cancelled due to strong winds. Current leaders after the first two legs are teams from Lithuania and Latvia.

Today’s leg of Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019 (GoRR) from Kuressaare harbor in Saaremaa to Ruhnu Island has been cancelled due to safety concerns, caused by strong winds. According to the weather forecast the wind gusts in Riga gulf reach up to more than 20 meters per second. ...

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Gulf of Riga Regatta on LNT News

On the opening day Gulf of Riga Regatta welcomed LNT news cast to shed some light on this year’s regatta. One of co-organisers Valters Romans talked about his insights highlighting the importance of ability to adapt to ever changing weather conditions. Also, some of the participants ...

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Noslēgusies pirmā regates diena. Pēc pirmā posma provizoriskie līderi latvieši un igauņi.

This information is available only in Latvian.

Vakar aizvadīta pirmā Rīgas jūras līča regates (Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019; turpmāk - GoRR) sacensību diena, kad 33 trīs jūras spējīgas jahtas no visām Baltijas valstīm mēroja ceļu no Rojas uz Montu ostu ...

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Major Gulf of Rīga Regatta to Support Cleanliness in the Baltic Sea

The Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) will begin in Roja on June 25. There will also be the Latvian Open Sea Sailing Championship and the newly established Livonian Cup competition. Around 40 crews from Baltic Sea region countries will be gathering together for a competition that will start ...

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Looking for crew to join?

Are you willing to participate in Gulf of Riga Regatta, i.e., #GoRR but don’t have a team yet? No worries! We have created an opportunity for you - Crewseeking Application Form (CAF). It is designed for amateur and professional crewmembers as well as beginners to link with sailing ...

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In order to organize Gulf of Riga Regatta and to develop amateur maritime sailing sport in Latvia, a new association was founded

In March this year, the association Latvian Maritime Sailing Association (LMSA) was founded to organize Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) that will be held from 25th until 29th June. Association is willing in close collaborates with experienced sailors and enthusiasts develop ...

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Entry opened for this season’s major Latvian sailing event - Gulf of Riga Regatta. Sailors will be encouraged to become watchdogs of the Baltic Sea.

The submission of entry forms to participate in the Gulf of Riga Regatta (GoRR) has started. Organizers are willing to exceed the greatest number of Latvian Offshore Sailing teams participated ...

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Gulf or Riga Regatta 2019

Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019 that is also Latvian Offshore Sailing Championship and Livonia Cup Challenge, will take place from June 25 to June 29 in the Gulf of Riga, going from Roja to Kuivizi with stops in Montu, Kuressaare and Ruhnu island. Sailors will compete ORC, LYS and TEXEL categories.

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