Gulf of Riga Regatta

Latvian Offshore Sailing Championship 2019, Livonia Cup Challenge

Roja • Montu • Kuressaare • Ruhnu • Kuivizi

June 25 - 29, 2019

Regatta starts in

Regatta Schedule

June 25

Day 1. Roja - Montu

June 26

Day 2. Montu - Kuressaare

June 27

Day 3. Kuressaare - Ruhnu

June 28

Day 4. Ruhnu - Kuivizi

June 29

Day 5. Kuivizi - Kuivizi



Gulf or Riga Regatta 2019

Latvian Offshore Sailing championship 2019, Livonia Cup Challenge will take place from June 25 till June 29. Five stages of the course will take racers from Roja to Kuivizi with stops in Montu, Kuressaare and Ruhnu. Regatta is organised by Latvian Sailing Association in cooperation with Saaremaa Merispordi Selts.


Regatta of Extremes

The Latvian Open Offshore Championship - The Gulf or Riga Regatta 2018 with 18 participating yachts in three result groups (ORC, LYS1 and LYS2) was going on from June 26 to June 30 - from Riga to Roja, from Roja to Ruhnu island, from Ruhnu island to Kuressaare.
The winner in LYS2 group is Estonian yacht LILLIAN (skipper Margus Beljakov), in LYS1 group - Latvian yacht LE MANS (skipper Kristaps Remess) and again Estonian yacht KATARINA JEE (skipper Mart Tamm) got the gold medal in ORC group. Detailed results are published in Results section.
Five great days were experienced together including friendly socialisation in no wind circumstances and also high level hardiness in 49 nm windward offshore race.
Thanks to all participants, organisers (Latvian Sailing Union, City Yacht Club, Saaremaa Merispordi Selts), the race committee and sponsors: Sarma & Norde architect bureau, Apsara, Roja Sailing School, catamaran Kani Keli, company Laivu Lietas. Glass sculptures for winners were made the artist Juris Dunovskis, photos and video by Juris Kalniņš.
Thanks for warmth and friendship to hosts in Kuressaare and Romassaare, in Ruhnu island, in Roja and in City Yacht Club!
You can find photos and videos from regatta in gallery section.
We look forward for the race in 2019!


Information regarding regatta's courses on June 30th

We have published information regarding regattas courses taking place on Saturday, June 30th. Official notice can be found here.


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Organizing team

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Jānis Grīslis

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Valters Romans

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