About Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019

Gulf of Riga Regatta 2019, that is also Latvian Offshore Sailing Championship and Livonia Cup Challenge, will take place from June 25 to June 29 in the Gulf of Riga, going from Roja to Kuivizi with stops in Montu, Kuressaare and Ruhnu island.

Entry fee

30,00 EUR per each crew member and 40,00 EUR per boat if under 30 feet.

30,00 EUR per each crew member and 60,00 EUR per boat if 30 feet or over.

Entry fee for one leg is 20,00 EUR per each crew member and 30,00 EUR per boat.

Payment information:
Latvijas Zegeletaju savieniba
Reg. Nr. 50008003331
IBAN: LV67HABA000140J035673
With note: "GoRR 2019", name of the yacht or sail number and number of crew members entering regatta.


Notice of Race.pdf